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Bypass Mobile Number Verification in Facebook/Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/Outlook/Google

so you don't want to share your real mobile number with social networking and wan't to access site.
here is very simple step to Bypass Mobile Verification on Facebook / Gmail /Yahoo and other sites.

Follow This Step to get you work done.

Steps :-

1. Go to This Link
2. Choose Any Number from it. and click that number.
3. Enter this number to site which ask for your Number.
4. Go to Link again and refresh it you will recieve a verification Code.
5. Just enter this code into your site

Done you have now successfully verified the site with fake number.

Comment below if any question 

Tag all friend at once Facebook Easy Step Working

Auto Tag Facebook All Friends in one Click Working Trick for chrome.

so you want to tag all of your friend in Facebook page or profile status to get more comment and likes in Facebook page. here is simple javascript trick to do this just follow this simple steps.

Follow This simple step to Tag Your all friend at once.
1. Login to Facebook account.
2. Get direct link of your status
( you can get direct link of status by clicking date of the post. see below image to more information)
3.after clicking date of post you will go to new page look like this.
4. Now right click at anywhere and Click inspect element.
5. From inspect Element click Consol And pest Javascript Code in Consol see image to understand
Note :- Replace 755327301179257 with your post id

6. Wait for some time (2 minute is enough) now refresh page.

Get Code

Done tagging enjoy :)

Comment Below if any question

Simple And Cool Recent Post Widget for Blogger.

Simple And Cool Recent Post Widget for Blogger.

Step To install:-
1. Log In to blogger and click add widget.
2. Select HTML/ JAVASCRIPT from it
3. Copy Widget Code From Below and Pest this in it
5. Press CTRL+F and Find ilovetrick.com
6. Replace http://ilovetrick.com/ With your Blog URL.
7. Save it and Refresh your blog 
Enjoy :)

Widget Code Here.

Post your Comment if any question.

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