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Hello Friends I Am Robin, The admin of this Blog. My friends also call me Rob.

Here i wrote about computer,Facebook,Internet and other tricks and tips and some of the simple hacking tricks to learning purpose.

Computer is my passion, my interest and everything.I am a College student and I'm doing BCA. I had a computer at home since i was in 9th class in which i used to apply all computer tricks and always tried to learn new things every day.I started learning programming and hacking as a part of my daily life.
I have knowledge in some field of computer (Hardware, software, programming etc.) And i have also certification in some programming and designing knowledge, but still i am a nothing and have a long way to go. I have no-certification in hacking, This is my interest and Google which helps me to improve myself.

I started this blog in August 2011.I started writing this iLoveTrick becuse i want everyone to become aware of the things that happen online.i want that every people who use internet and computer,mobile should know this things so that they can secure themself from being hacked and learn some new tricks and know more and more there computer as the cybercriminals are getting smarter day by day.

You can contact me using Facebook or Twitter
i am in Facebook with the name of Rembo Rock
i am in Twitter with the name of Robin Raj
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